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Senior Human Resources Forum for Nonprofits

11/11/2021 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM (CT)

Type: Live Webinar

Industry: Nonprofits

Service: Business consulting services, Talent and Change

Cost: $1995

Event Contact:

Phone: 888.876.4992

Email: gfponline@wipfli.com


This forum will take place on the second Thursday of the month starting on October 14, 2021 through May 2022. A webcam is recommended to get the most from this training experience, but not required. Registering once will ensure registration for all sessions.

The pace of organizational change is accelerating.  With a new contingent of remote workers in most organizations and a return to “normal” for others, new and different challenges arise and HR priorities have shifted. 

Wipfli’s Senior Human Resources Forum (Forum) is designed to provide information and guidance on current and cutting-edge topics of interest to HR professionals with practical information which can be implemented immediately.  Consider joining us for thought-provoking discussions, timely information and a safe environment to share.

Who Should Attend:

The curriculum is geared toward advanced level HR topics and explores organizational development initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the HR function within organizations. This Forum is appropriate for individuals who have participated in the Foundational Human Resources Forum or who have at least five years of experience in HR management. 


October - Productivity in today’s work environment:  The work environment is more chaotic than ever.  With video calls, excessive meetings and overscheduling, it’s often difficult to find uninterrupted time to focus on the work. We will cover techniques for taking back time including the use of technology to drive productivity.

November - Creative recruiting:  It’s no secret the U.S. is experiencing a tight labor market. As a result, HR professionals may need to use creative techniques and sources to find qualified talent. In this session we uncover the plethora of recruiting resources available as well as learn how to write a job posting that grabs attention.

December - Employee engagement:  At a time when more employees are working remote, engagement is crucial. This session covers an array of employee engagement techniques and solutions used to engage both your on-site and remote employees. 

January - Building successful teams:  Building cohesive teams has always been a priority for many organizations. However, at a time when a significant percent of the workforce will continue to be remote, team building is increasingly important. In this session team building strategies are shared.

February - Using HR metrics to drive results:  Are you familiar with the saying “what gets measured gets done”? The same can be said for HR departments. In this session we discuss the various types of HR metrics and how they can be used to drive and track improvement in both the HR department and the organization. 

March - Resiliency:  During stressful times, developing resiliency and finding balance makes all the difference. The practices we put in place now will serve us far into the future. This session focuses on ways you can help employees manage their stress and develop resilience.

April - Workplace civility:  Negativity in the workplace can contribute to a toxic culture. In this session, we provide methodologies to determine the extent of negativity in the workplace, discuss strategies for diminishing negative behaviors and offer insights on how to create a lasting, positive culture.

May - Legal update:  Keeping abreast of employment laws is critical for HR professionals. In this session, legal counsel will provide updates on changes in employment laws and clarify nuances in laws impacting employers. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to ask their employment law questions.

The Benefits

There are several benefits of attending the forum, including:

  • Sound, timely and practical information on current trends and best practices in HR management
  • Information on changing employment laws and resulting implications
  • A professional and confidential environment to discuss and find solutions for your unique HR situations
  • Advice from experienced consultants who understand your challenges

The Format

  • Meetings are held monthly from October through May and are approximately 3 hours in length
  • The first half of each session is designed for learning and development. Roundtable discussions follow each presentation to discuss the content, troubleshoot pressing concerns of participants and to network with other HR professionals
  • Written materials and supporting documents are distributed for each topic