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State of community banking report

Wipfli research shows state of community banking in 2022

State of community banking report

How can community banks remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape?

Wipfli surveyed 177 financial institutions across 33 states to learn how community banks are navigating today’s challenges of digital branches, online services and workforce shortages.

The results shined light on the need for local branches to embrace digital services to remain competitive, with cryptocurrency and wealth management offerings as top priorities. The survey found that 77% of respondents have added wealth advisory services, and 29% expect to add cryptocurrency services within the next 18 months.

Download the full report to dive into the survey’s findings as well as explore critical insights into community banking trends and opportunities. You’ll learn how other community banks are:

  • Keeping branches viable
  • Choosing new services to implement
  • Managing talent
  • Planning their digital transformations
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