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Identify and minimize risk with relentless due diligence customized for your needs.

When it comes to transactions, timely information is critical. Wipfli delivers reliable analysis to help you nimbly navigate complicated transactions. With relentless due diligence, we identify and minimize risk and provide all the vital insights for moving ahead with a transaction, moving through negotiations, or moving on to the next opportunity.

Relentless due diligence and reliable analysis to navigate complicated transactions.

Ours is a customized approach based on your specific needs and budget, ranging from a comprehensive quality of earnings investigation and report to specific and targeted limited-scope analysis. 

You’ll benefit from having access to a multifaceted team composed of transaction specialists, tax and technology experts, and seasoned industry professionals, all working to identify opportunities and exposures. More than simply telling you what’s wrong or problematic, we provide a list of actionable recommendations for improvement. All because we share in your ultimate goal: Maximize the value of the opportunity for the price paid. 

Clients turn to us because the middle market is our accustomed territory and our leaders have been down these roads many times before. Learn more about Wipfli's Private Equity Services Leadership Team.

Transaction advisory services include:

Featured Thought Leader

Karen Monfre, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFF

Karen has spent more than 20 years assisting clients in acquiring a business or in the sale of their closely held business. She specializes in business sell-side brokerage, buy-side brokerage, transaction support, valuation, litigation support, and related engagements. 

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