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Tech. Transformed.

Technology continues to transform the ways that real estate professionals conduct business and connect with clients.

The right tools foster a more responsive and data-driven way of working amid continual disruption and change in the real estate industry.

The right technology will keep you in tune with client needs and keep your transactions on track. It can help you cultivate leads, grow your sphere and maintain strong business relationships.

Whatever your challenges, our Wipfli team can help you meet them. We offer more than digital solutions. We provide digital clarity — cutting through clutter to help you embrace the future.

We can help you with solutions designed for real estate companies, including:

  1. Cloud services that help you collaborate with people inside and outside your organization. Share calendars, tasks and documents. Store contracts, leases and requests that can be accessed by any users you select.
  2. Cybersecurity tools you can count on. Ransomware attacks, phishing schemes and other data breaches cannot be ignored. They are costing businesses millions of dollars and incalculable damage to their operations. Wipfli’s cybersecurity specialists can help you:
  3. IT management that tackles the complexities, inefficiencies and overlooked risks that may be hampering your organization. Wipfli helps you resolve information technology challenges and take better advantage of your IT resources. We help you develop a roadmap for the future customized to your business needs whether your team is office-based or works remotely.

Wipfli Connect for Real Estate

Another communication platform we offer to boost collaboration, efficiency and sales is Wipfli Connect for Real Estate. The simple-to-use interface allows everyone to stay informed on property status. Communication flow is streamlined as processes improve and gain efficiencies.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Wipfli Connect for Real Estate manages, shares and routes information through the robust CRM software, helping manage assets, leases, tenants and vendors.

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