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Wipfli research report sheds light on real estate trends, opportunities

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Wipfli, a top 20 national accounting and consulting firm, has released a new research report based on a survey of real estate industry executives. Wipfli surveyed 198 C-suite leaders to learn just how their firms have reacted to changing market conditions, evolving tenant and investor expectations and increasing pressure when it comes to ESG and technology.

The resulting real estate outlook report reveals key trends and opportunities for real estate firms to more effectively navigate the disruption they’ve faced the past several years. The survey found that 66% of real estate firms haven’t changed their investment strategies over the past 12 months. Only 38% have a clear path forward to digital transformation. And almost a quarter of real estate firms don’t believe ESG is having a noticeable impact on their investor pool or projects.

But some firms are leading the way. They’re addressing the ESG pressure levied on them by investors, pursuing technology that will enable them to make faster and better business decisions, and leveraging business strategies that create greater value for their organizations.

Wipfli’s real estate outlook report not only dives into the data but also provides key insights from our consultants. Real estate firms can use the report to learn how other firms are reacting to change and what they’re doing to ensure long-term success, as well as what their firm can start focusing on to ensure they can tackle future disruption, too.

Download a copy of Wipfli’s real estate outlook research report.