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A guide for Community Action Agencies and Head Start programs on CARES Act funding allocations

May 22, 2020

With the release of COVID-19 stimulus funds through the CARES Act, now is an excellent time to consider how you can invest in your own agency, in both infrastructure and direct services, to better serve your community.

Community Action Agencies are receiving $1 billion dollars in Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), and the Head Start network is also receiving $750 million dollars (updated from prior defined allocations via ACF-PI-HS-20-03) for one-time activities in response to COVID-19. The funds are designed to address the increased demand for human services needs in response to COVID-19, which can be directed at a variety of actions or activities, including actions necessary to maintain and resume the operation of programs, as well as investing in technology infrastructure to create more stable and sustainable organizations.

With the flexibility of how these stimulus dollars can be allocated, our team can help strategically evaluate your operations and prioritize your spending so you can address broader needs, improve quality of services and increase capacity to deliver.


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How to strategically invest your stimulus funding