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Mark Stevens


Mark Stevens offers experience and skills developed through working more than 25 years in the manufacturing industry. Today, he leads Wipfli LLP’s manufacturing and consulting practice that serves clients throughout the United States and Asia. Mark has guided local, national, and international manufacturing companies through all facets of operational excellence and technology integration. He has a passion for helping manufacturers become more customer-effective and operationally efficient.

  • Lean/Sigma Black Belt
  • Registered Industrial Architect
Professional Memberships and Activities
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) - Member

Areas of Focus

  • Business strategic planning and alignment
  • Manufacturing operational and business dashboards
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Lean/Sigma strategy development and education
  • Lean/Sigma improvement events
  • Quality systems integration and compliance
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration and project management
  • Work flow integration systems


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Bachelor degree in architecture
  • Registered industrial architects
Templeton College - Oxford, England
  • Advanced Business Management Leadership training
Villanova University
  • Lean/Sigma Black Belt

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