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Decisions, Decisions

May 08, 2017
By: Lindsey L. Sabelko
Financial Institutions

Decisions, decisions. We all have to make them. Some are easy and don’t require much thought, while others are much more difficult. Several weeks ago I was given an opportunity I had never thought I would pass up. Tickets were available to attend a dinner for a community event where Donald Driver was the speaker. My friends and family know that this opportunity was something I have dreamed about and that I have waited years hoping for the chance to see this particular pro football player. I was a very happy person for about five minutes…until I realized my husband and I would be on vacation at a Cher concert the same day as the dinner. I had to make a decision about which dream to make a reality.

With any decision, it is important to keep the end result in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? What investments have you already made or do you need to make to achieve your goal? Have you included the right individuals in the conversation? None of us should have to make the tough decisions alone. We need to communicate our aspirations to the people around us so they can help us accomplish our goals. Tax planning (in general and for specific transactions) is one of those areas where including the right people and resources in your decision making can have a real impact on the outcome. Including your relationship executive at Wipfli in your vision and decision-making process could help you make more informed and successful decisions!

So what did I choose? After my initial disappointment, it was actually a pretty easy decision. My husband and I already had the plane tickets, hotel, and concert tickets paid for. I wasn’t willing to give up on the investment we had already made or my dream of seeing Cher. I just hope I included enough people in on my dream so that if the opportunity to see Donald Driver presents itself again, they think of me.


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