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Old Glory and the American Dream

Jul 05, 2017
Financial Institutions

During 4th of July celebrations we see the American Flag at parades, sporting events, in front of homes and businesses, and embroidered on shirts and hats. We refer to our flag by many different names: Old Glory; the Stars and Stripes; the Red, White, and Blue; the Star-Spangled Banner. No matter what term we use, the flag is a symbol for our country, which is made up of individuals who are proud to live, work, and raise their families on its shores.

As I reflect on the many privileges we enjoy as residents of this great republic, I am grateful for the services financial institutions provide to their customers, members, and communities. It is the dream of many to own their own home, buy a car, start a small business, or go to college. Without financial institutions, this would not be possible for most of us.

When we on the Wipfli Financial Institutions Risk Management team review our clients’ loan portfolios, we see a dedication to serving these needs with fair and equitable treatment, underwriting standards based on creditworthiness, and creating corporate cultures that strive to comply with not only the myriad of technical requirements within federal regulations, but also the spirit of these laws.

When we reflect on the past and look to the future, financial institutions were and are tied to the success of our main streets and Wall Street, to rural communities and downtown metropolitan areas, and to individuals and organizations. The connection between financial institutions, individuals, and communities is a vital part of our society that fosters innovation, jobs, and economic stability.

As Old Glory represents this country, our financial institutions represent a chance for dreams to become realties, and for this we salute you.



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