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How Can I Get People to Sign up for That?

Dec 05, 2019
By: Amanda L. Knudsen
Financial Institutions

Now that the school year is in full swing and the holiday season is here, I am receiving more emails for SignUpGenius.com for various events. If you haven’t heard of SignUpGenius, it’s a website that is used to organize events that need volunteers. A few examples of signups that I have received emails for are: time slots for my kid’s parent teacher conferences or working the concession stand at a basketball tournament; meal train dates for families dealing with surgeries; and even ingredients for who was bringing what to a mimosa and bloody mary bar (yes, I live in Wisconsin). The reason I love these online signups are that I can do them at the click of a button and sign up for only items that actually work for me to either bring to an event or for a time that fits into my already chaotic schedule.  

As you can see, the possibilities of what the online signups can be used for are endless, which is why I thought it would be wonderful if compliance officers could have a similar option when needed. It would be great if, when changes to regulations occur or a new product is being developed, the compliance officer could send out a list of all items that need to be taken care of. This could allow employees throughout the financial institution to sign up for the various items they would be responsible for and ensure every required task was going to be completed. There may be times that certain spots on the signup list are left unfilled because no one wants to complete the item or has the availability or knowledge to complete it. If you find there are empty spaces on your signup list, please know that Wipfli is here to help fill in those missing spots in any of your compliance needs.  


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