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Don’t you love those wonderful deadlines

Jan 06, 2022
By: Teri Downey

This year for Christmas I decided to order Christmas cards with photos of the family. Well, the season kind of crept up on me and I ordered them quite late. They arrived on December 20th and I raced to get them all addressed and ready to mail and ran out to the post office first thing the next morning to speed up the process. Before I left, my husband looked at me with amusement and said: “You know those are never going to make it in time, don’t you?” 

Well, what I heard was a challenge, so I decided to send one to myself just to prove that I was right. I was quickly deflated when I asked the lady at the post office if she thought they would make it by Christmas. To my despair, her response was, “Oh I really doubt it.” 

Don’t you just hate the pressure of deadlines? 

For example, the deadline for filing the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Loan Application Register (HMDA LAR), is fast approaching. Are you concerned you won’t have enough time to get it all scrubbed and ready to go by the deadline? 

No worries, Wipfli can help with that. We can review and scrub the entire LAR or just specific, problematic or key fields only. We can review every entry or just a sample of entries for assurance. If you’re worried you might not make the March 1st deadline, contact us to see how we can help or learn more on our HMDA LAR services web page 

You can have a happy ending like I did. Yes, the cards did make it to everyone before Christmas!


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