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Podcast: Keys to improving the employee experience

May 10, 2022
By: Robert H. Zondag

Work is on trial. Employees are reassessing why they work and where they work, and they’re leaving jobs at record rates to find out what exactly drives them.

Improving the employee experience is top of mind for financial institutions — and for good reason. The employee experience is critical in attracting talented people and keeping the ones you already have. And it’s everyone’s responsibility in the organization, from leadership to HR, to foster a better experience.

How? In this episode of Bank on Wipfli, Robert Zondag, Senior Manager, and Michelle Joseph, manager in Wipfli’s organization performance practice, dive into:

  • Who is responsible for creating the employee experience
  • How to get past the “hype” and adapt to employee needs at a pace that is digestible for everyone involved
  • The importance of designing a people plan that aligns with your strategic plan

Listen in to learn employee experience best practices.

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