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Remote Loan Reviews

Mar 17, 2019
By: Eric E. VanDoren
Financial Institutions

As a banker, not that many years ago, when we received word the examiners were coming, we knew that meant two to three weeks (maybe more) of our friends setting up shop in available conference rooms for a safety and soundness review of the bank. For those of us on the loan side, that meant making sure we had printed and filed current memos, loan presentations, status reports, etc. In general, we made sure loan files were orderly and up to date. We would go through this process again when it was time for loan review – whether it was an internal or external loan review. The process was similar. Make sure files were orderly and up to date, pull the required loan files and line them up in the conference room for the reviewers to review.

Times are changing. Instead of bringing a large team of examiners, showing up on your doorstep and occupying multiple conference rooms for weeks at a time, more of the work is being done off site. This now includes the loan review activities of the exam, which can be conducted remotely. This reduces space requirements for the exam team and limits the impact of having examiners on site. So the number of examiners and the length of on-site time is declining. 

Here at Wipfli, traditional loan review can also be conducted off site, along with other credit-related services such as loan review due diligence and credit analyst outsourcing. We understand that more and more financial institutions have made an investment in imaging technology and want to leverage that technology in multiple ways including remote third-party loan reviews. This technology can help improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of an outside loan review. Wipfli has the tools and technology to safely and securely facilitate the exchange of loan documentation needed to assess the credit risk of your loan portfolio. No matter the location of the financial institution, anywhere across the United States, we can provide your management team with information about the quality of loans and the effectiveness of your lending policies and procedures without the disruption of a traditional on-site review.


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