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Tackle That Next Big Project

Aug 31, 2018
By: Sarah G. Lutzke
Financial Institutions

This summer, my husband and I decided to add a large backyard patio to our home. We had a fairly “blank slate” and didn’t know where to start. We found a landscape designer who helped get our ideas onto paper and lay the groundwork for an action plan. Then came the biggest decision: Do we act on this plan on our own or hire a landscaper to do all the heavy lifting (literally)? Many factors—including price, time and experience—weighed into our decision. We quickly realized that the price we were going to pay for them to do the work was “worth it” based on the time and energy it would save us. We also knew the final product would certainly be much better than if we did it ourselves. 

Wipfli knows taking on big projects isn’t easy. We know trusting others with your home (or financial institution) isn’t to be taken lightly. But it helps when you partner with someone you trust and who has considerable experience. A successful project starts with a great plan and culminates in experienced personnel performing work that saves you time and energy. What new project are you working on? What keeps you up at night? Let us help you make a plan and provide a solution. 

Now, back to relaxing in my new backyard paradise...


Sarah G. Lutzke, CIA
Principal, Risk Advisory Services
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