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Time for a checkup?

Jun 10, 2019
Financial Institutions

With our endless spring season, we finally made it up to open our cabin for the summer. The first visit tends to be our annual checkup. By that I mean after we arrive and as we start looking around, we make note of what might need our attention. Hey, was that faucet leaking when we were here last? I don’t think the refrigerator is cooling! Looks like we are going to need more garbage bags. I think we need new batteries in the weather station; it’s reading 13 degrees! There are inevitably a few things to fix, a few things to adjust, and maybe a plan for something to upgrade in the coming year. It’s sometimes disappointing to find these tasks awaiting us, but if all we need are a gasket, garbage bags, and a few batteries, we’re soon relaxing! If we need a new refrigerator, well, that’s a little more involved. In the end, that annual once-over helps us keep our place in great shape. In identifying and fixing things promptly, we avoid potentially bigger problems.

It occurs to me our Loan Review team travels to financial institutions for a very similar purpose: we complete that checkup to help our clients identify anything that might need attention in their loan portfolio. It could be a growing industry concentration, a relaxation of underwriting standards, or some overdue annual reviews. Our fresh eyes and years of experience often identify things that are difficult to observe day to day. We bring industry best practices and information to help you evaluate options. Lending is focused on risk, and I think we would all prefer to identify and fix the little risks than allow anything unnoticed to become a significant issue. If your institution could use a once-over, give your relationship executive a call to learn more about our Loan Review services. We’ll see if we can help you relax!


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