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Podcast: Empowering your aging adult customers

Nov 15, 2022
By: Terry Ammons

It’s likely that there is more your financial institution can do to help your senior customers manage their everyday expenses. Consider these facts:

  • There are 53 million Americans who are 65 and older, and 10 thousand Americans turn 65 every single day.
  • Elder fraud was estimated to have over $37 billion in profit before 2021, and it has since doubled.

If you can help address or take the friction out of expense management, you’ll be able to alleviate a major stressor in your customers’ lives.

In this episode of GroundBanking, Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, talks with Tommy Marshall, cofounder and COO of myFloc, about:

  • How financial institutions can empower and support their aging adult customers.
  • How these types of services can help institutions grow and acquire new customers.
  • How you can work with caregivers or insiders.

Listen now to learn more about top products for seniors.

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