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Podcast: Finding your financial institution’s niche

Feb 07, 2023
By: Terry Ammons

Does your financial institution have a niche? And does it align with current trends in banking?

There are financial institutions created for specific groups, interests, careers, lifestyles and more — from specific professions to small businesses and even pet owners — all to serve their account holders’ needs better. Your institution has an opportunity to create products that help bring their financial lives more and more in alignment with their identity.

In this episode of GroundBanking, Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, talks with Tim Hamilton, founder and CEO of Praxent, about:

  • How to create an experience that helps account holders align your institution with their identity.
  • Current trends in banking and fintech.
  • Ways that financial institutions can quickly meet high demand.
  • When it’s time to focus on a more niche-targeted group and how to move your institution to a new phase.

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