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Podcast: Transforming bill pay solutions in your financial institution

Terry Ammons
Mar 20, 2021

COVID-19 shined a spotlight on the gaps in the digital banking experience, particularly when it comes to bill pay solutions. Many financial institutions have realized they need to up their game.

We’re excited this episode to host two special guests from Allied Payment Network: Kelli Schultz, President, and Geoff Knapp, Chief Growth Officer. Together with Terry Ammons, they discuss how the bill pay industry has transformed.

Specifically, they dive into:

  • How bill pay solutions have fallen short in the past
  • What the challenges are in bill pay
  • How fintechs are improving and altering bill pay
  • How Allied has improved upon the bill pay solution

Listen above to learn how you can improve your institution’s bill pay solution.


Terry Ammons


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