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2024 outlook report for manufacturers

Wipfli Insights Team
Nov 13, 2023
2024 Outlook Report for Manufacturers

Why manufacturing executives are optimistic about the coming year — even in the face of inflation and recession fears

Rising production costs and the threat of a recession are top of mind among American manufacturers. A Wipfli survey of more than 330 manufacturing executives across the country shines light on manufacturing trends, including where industry leaders see pain points and challenges. Supply chain issues, employee retention and data security are big concerns shaping leaders’ decisions.

At the same time, manufacturers are generally upbeat about the industry’s future. More than seven in 10 are planning Industry 4.0 technology investments in the coming year and a full 88% expect to increase revenue in 2024.

Download the full report to find out how manufacturing leaders view 2024 and where they are placing their priorities, including:

  • Robotics and AI
  • Inflation and rising production costs
  • Supply chain issues
  • Employee retention and recruitment
  • Cybersecurity


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