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Transforming Team Dynamics: A Johnsonville Case Study

Sep 26, 2018

How can I create a strong company culture that’s built to last? How can I empower my teams to work more effectively?

During this webinar, we heard real-world insight from a leading organization that has navigated the culture conversation with the help of the industry-leading tool, Predictive Index®. We sat down with Deron Poisson, Learning & Technologies Coordinator at Johnsonville Sausage, to discuss how the company used Predictive Index to transform their culture and develop more understanding, productive teams. Specifically, we learned how Predictive Index: 

  • Enabled Johnsonville to improve collaboration and results on team projects, through real case studies and examples.
  • Provides managers with the resources and frameworks they need to better understand working styles and motivate teams to achieve goals. 
  • Enhances the recruiting and hiring processes and allows organizations to create better, effective team dynamics.


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