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Employee retention strategies for PK-12 schools

Wipfli Insights Team
Apr 17, 2024

Educators are leaving the industry at alarming rates, and the pool of replacements is shrinking. To create optimal working and learning environments, schools need new strategies to recruit and retain staff.

In this webinar, we introduced a balanced approach to address today’s talent challenges. Amanda Erickson and Teri LeSage explained how:

  • Inefficient HR processes hurt recruitment.
  • “Stay interviews” can address burnout and strengthen engagement.
  • Succession planning prepares future school leaders and encourages retention.

Watch the on-demand webinar for techniques and strategies on stay interviews and how to build a sustainable retention strategy.


Teri LeSage

Amanda Erickson, SHRM-SCP


Teri LeSage
Teri LeSage 06/05/2024
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