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Financial Services Forum recording: Improving the employee experience

Dec 12, 2022

Total rewards and its direct link to improving employee experience and business outcomes

Formerly referred to as compensation and benefits, total rewards takes on a more creative and broad definition of the ways organizations attract and retain high-caliber talent through the lens of compensation, benefits, perks and other rewards.

Compensation is just one of many factors that make your company an appealing place to work. Employee benefits, workplace culture and other nonmonetary rewards play significant roles as to whether you are putting your best foot forward to attract and retain employees who are loyal to you and what you stand for as an organization. The war for talent is something that can be easily won by those organizations who are willing to meet the needs of their people, which in turn will allow those people to meet the business needs of the organization, as set forth by executive leadership.

Watch this session to dive into the evolution of the employee experience and what people crave from their employers in order to be the most productive and engaged versions of themselves. It also delivers helpful tips, advice and insights to attract and retain best-in-class employees who can meet the needs of the business.

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Michelle Joseph, MBA
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