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2013 Medicare Payment Systems Changes: Understanding the Impact Webinar

Wipfli Insights Team
Jan 24, 2013

This webinar was recorded on January 23, 2013. Click the Download button to watch the recording and to view the presentation slides.

The 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule was published on November 16, 2012, in the Federal Register. With more than 1,300 pages, it’s a daunting task to read and interpret on your own. In addition, Congress is expected to make subsequent changes to the final rule prior to implementation on January 1, 2013. Let Wipfli help you make sense of the newest regulations affecting Medicare reimbursement for physician services. In this webinar, we’ll provide you with the following:

  • An overview of the Medicare final rule and key changes
  • Physician specialties most affected by the 2013 Medicare fee schedule
  • Update on the 2013 CF
  • DME face-to-face encounters
  • Value-based payment modifier initiative 
  • Key coding changes (transitional care, preventive services, psychiatry, and more)

In addition, we’ll update you on 2013 OIG work plan items affecting physician groups, including hospitals that own and operate them.


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