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Business Intelligence for McKesson EMR

Oct 05, 2016

This webinar was recorded on October 5, 2016. Click the Download button to watch the recording and to view the presentation slides.  

If your CAH is like most, you have many disparate systems collecting vast amounts of financial, clinical, and operational information on a daily basis. Collecting and converting this data into useable information can be daunting, yet the decisions you make require both confidence in and synthesis of data.

In this webinar, we will offer answers to the following questions for users of McKesson EMRs:

  • How do CAHs efficiently and easily make sense out of all the “data” I have today?
  • How is a BI tool different than the reports I have on my EMR?
  • What other alternatives are there to running report after report from my EMR and then manipulating it in excel?
  • How could I possibly afford a business intelligence tool and why do I need one given the millions I have already spent on my EMR?
  • Where do I start in terms of evaluating options for better business intelligence?

This webinar recording will show you how to access the data within your McKesson EMR that will give you the power to understand billions of records in seconds—resulting in improved financial performance.

Watch this webinar recording presented by health care experts Kelly Arduino, Daryl Duenkel, and Nate Hallquist as they help you gain a better understanding of the power of Wipfli's McKesson Health Care Intelligence program.


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