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Leading during challenging times – Attributes to help healthcare leaders succeed

Wipfli Insights Team
Dec 15, 2020

This session of Healthcare Connections is dedicated to healthcare leaders, and helping you succeed during challenging times. As leaders you face a complex business environment in which change is continuous and accelerating. Constant regulatory updates, rapid technological advancements and now the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic cause many leaders to ask themselves, “Who do I need to be to guide my organization into the future?” In this session, we explore new attributes needed by leaders in today’s dynamic health care environment as well as practice evidence-based techniques to develop these new attributes in current and future leaders.

In this webinar, we:

  • Discuss the unique challenges health care leaders encounter in today’s dynamic business and social environment
  • Explore new attributes leaders will need to guide their organizations into the future
  • Practice evidence-based techniques to develop new leadership attributes to be successful in the future


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