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Strategic Planning – Creating a durable plan to thrive in a challenging healthcare environment

Nov 15, 2022

During this month’s Healthcare Connections, Wipfli associates Sydney Diekmann and Robert Zondag teamed up to discuss why strategic planning is key to the leadership process in healthcare organizations, especially with so much uncertainty around staffing, changing patient needs and financial stability.

Topics discussed include:

  • Explored what healthcare organizations are doing with their strategic planning to address current challenges in the industry.
  • Discussed the pitfalls and building blocks organizations are putting into place today to succeed and thrive.
  • Shared how quality data analytics drive decisions and how KPIs are integral to successful leadership and strategy achievement.
  • Provided actionable tips on how to create and drive a more engaged strategic plan and achieve results.


Sydney Diekmann
Senior Consultant
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Robert H. Zondag, CTP
Senior Manager
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