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The Future of Healthcare Technology & Digital Transformation

May 18, 2022

Leveraging Cloud Based Accounting for Healthcare

Healthcare industry leaders will want to watch this webcast to learn more about how cloud-based accounting software can help you to access data and quickly report and share KPIs critical to your healthcare organizations success. A cloud-based HIPAA compliant solution for healthcare solves many common challenges and helps providers focus on what matters most; caring for your patients.

We discussed ways to:

  • Improve efficiencies through automation of approvals and workflows, even with multi-location or multi-entity healthcare organizations
  • Gain on-demand insight into financial and statistical data through real-time reporting and role-based dynamic dashboards
  • Reduce errors and improve productivity by seamlessly connecting with other mission critical applications (e.g EMR Applications)


Rebecca A. Hurst, CPA
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Stephanie M. Smith
Senior Business Developer
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