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Manufacturing Financial Planning and Analysis Optimization: Moving Past Results Toward Opportunities

Aug 21, 2018

If your manufacturing organization is focusing on future growth and really examining its financial position, it is more important now than ever for leaders to focus on planning strategies that connect the financial operations of the business with the profit centers of the enterprise.

Are we planning the right way? Are we gaining the key inputs, and are we measuring the right results? Where should we automate? Are we empowering our executives and line managers with the right information at the right time? Are our monthly close cycles taking way too much time?

Turn financial operations information into business insight.

As the needs of manufacturing organizations increase and key performance metrics explode, the need to turn financial operations information into business insight grows as well. In addition, as the office of the CFO expands beyond merely reporting numbers into a true partnership with operations, all executives need to produce results based on shared visions of the key profit centers. While no two organizations plan their success the same way, every organization can journey toward an ideal state of planning excellence.

In this webinar, Jacquie and Tony, seasoned financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals with more than 45 years of combined experience, will explore the expanding office of the CFO and offer ideas and strategies geared toward an ideal state of enterprise-wide planning improvement. Jacquie and Tony will guide you through the journey of improving financial performance and empower you to take planning to the next level — connecting financial insight with manufacturing operations across the entire organization.

Webinar topic highlights:

  • The importance of FP&A in a manufacturing organization
  • The top five problems CFOs face when planning for the enterprise
  • The ideal state organizations can achieve with the right strategies and tactics
  • Where manufacturing wins when collaborating with the organization’s financial leaders
  • The first steps toward manufacturing planning optimization enterprise-wide

Who should attend:

This webinar is intended for business owners, CEOs, CFOs, plant managers, superintendents, and anyone involved with planning responsibilities for crafting the future of and financial impacts on the organization.


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