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How to successfully combine technology and your mission

Wipfli Insights Team
Oct 11, 2023

Technology can empower nonprofits to grow their organization and impact their communities more effectively. But incorporating new solutions requires a complex journey in leadership, change and agility.

In this live webinar, we explored how one organization was able to navigate that journey successfully. Wipfli’s Ryan Risley and Team Rubicon’s Sheng-te Yang discussed how digital transformation led to massive growth in Team Rubicon’s scalable execution from mission planning through hotwash. Their conversation reveals how the partnership, guidance and approach helped make the change possible.

Watch on demand to learn more about:

  • How Team Rubicon worked with Microsoft and Wipfli to develop a volunteer management system that could change lives.
  • Challenges when onboarding into a dynamic organization, inheriting a strategy and maximizing the future potential.
  • How digital transformation impacted Team Rubicon and their mission.


Sheng-te Yang Ryan Risley
Sheng-te Yang Ryan Risley
Sheng-te is Team Rubicon’s vice president of data and technology. Building on five years of innovation, Sheng-te is now moving Team Rubicon into their next wave by leveraging the investments they've made in structure and processes with artificial intelligence. Ryan has been the relationship executive for Team Rubicon since the very first meeting and launch. Alongside other leaders, he helped transform Team Rubicon from a cobbled and siloed organization to being on one, unified platform.


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