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Increase Customer Trust and Loyalty With Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Ryan Swiderski
May 16, 2018

All organizations strive to provide exceptional, consistent customer service, but how do you make that a reality when your business is out in the field? How do you keep field service agents connected and equipped to be productive?

Field Service Automation in Dynamics 365 provides your field service agents with the connectivity they need to create the customer service you expect. See how Dynamics 365 increases efficiency of scheduling field service agents, equipment and other resources and enables field service agents to be more productive on site with mobile capabilities. Increase customer trust and transparency by enabling self-scheduling and issue reporting.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a demo that includes:

  • Setting up and scheduling your field service resources
  • How field service agents can close the loop on field visits, before leaving the site, with mobile applications
  • Connected IoT devices that predict field service calls through analytics and alerts, built directly in Dynamics 365
  • Field Service Automation portals, integrated directly with the Dynamics 365 platform

This webinar is designed for:

  • Operations executives and management
  • Customer service managers
  • IT decision makers
  • Field service dispatchers and management


Ryan Swiderski


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