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Webinar: The impact of AI in software development

Kelly Fisher
Sep 27, 2023

Explore how AI can impact businesses and solution offerings with our on-demand learning.

This webinar featured a discussion with Wipfli’s experienced panelists on important considerations and best practices for using AI.

Discussion topics included:

AI overview

  • How Wipfli is addressing the impact of ChatGPT and AI
  • Why should tech companies consider this as part of their product development road map?
  • How is Wipfli looking at AI as a future state of their business?


  • Unique development approaches to AI based on past experience
  • Project experiences in AI development methodology and why they’re different than traditional analytics product development


  • Security considerations for AI use

Compliance matters

  • What steps should a technology company, in a regulated industry such as digital health and fintech, plan to take to comply with relevant AI regulations and standards?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of AI compliance for an organization?


Kelly M. Fisher
CPA, Practice Partner
Matt Sabo
Jeff Olejnik
Karen Johnston
CCSFP, CIA, CISA, CCSFP-CHQP, Principal, Lead Auditor
Brendan McGuire
Principal, Data Analytics


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