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Build resilience through an effective cybersecurity plan

Mar 10, 2023

Many organizations today are vulnerable to a cybersecurity “day after,” in which their operations could grind to a halt because of a devastating security breach, exposing companies and their clients to incalculable financial damage.

Firms that assumed that protocols they established a few years ago offer sufficient protection and deterrence can easily be caught off guard.

Business resiliency, especially during a period of economic uncertainty, requires reducing your firm’s risk profile. In this on-demand webinar with Paul Lally and Tom Wojcinski, watch to learn about the key components of an effective cybersecurity plan.

Reduce your risk profile

It starts with taking a close look at your existing safety protocols and vulnerabilities. Taking steps to identify your risk exposure is essential to creating and maintaining a sustainable and stable wealth and asset business that can weather all market conditions.

You’ll learn about:

  • Building resistance to an attack.
  • The risks posed by internal and external attackers.
  • The dangers of exempting high-level executives from multifactor authorization.
  • The benefits of a virtual chief information security officer.


Paul T. Lally
Tom Wojcinski


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