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Wipfli announces new connectors for Microsoft Dynamics SL and Concur

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wipfli LLP (Wipfli), one of the leading accounting,  consulting and technology firms in the United States, has announced two new connectors for project-based businesses, nonprofits, government contractors and other Microsoft Dynamics SL users looking to simplify their expense management and invoice workflows.

Wipfli’s InvoiceConnect and ExpenseConnect for Microsoft Dynamics SL are designed to provide seamless, secure integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Concur Invoice and Concur Expense Management solutions, respectively. These new products expand on the company’s highly-regarded ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect offerings for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intacct.

ExpenseConnect for Dynamics SL is Wipfli’s proprietary connector designed to reduce errors, improve speed and eliminate the laborious standard accounting extract (SAE) download and data manipulation process. ExpenseConnect provides secure, automated, and customizable data mapping between the Concur Expense Management solution and Microsoft Dynamics SL. This connector allows Dynamics SL users to pay for expenses, bill clients for expenses, and account for payments within the familiar Dynamics SL interface. Learn more about ExpenseConnect for SL by watching this video highlighting the features, benefits, and examples, and reading more here.

InvoiceConnect for Dynamics SL allows Dynamics SL users the ability to automatically integrate payment requests and confirmations between Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics SL. Learn more by watching the InvoiceConnect for Dynamics SL video or by reading about InvoiceConnect for Dynamics SL here.

“Following the successes of our ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect solutions for Dynamics GP and Intacct, we are excited to announce these new connectors designed to help professional services firms and other Dynamics SL users to streamline their expense management and invoicing processes,” said Matt Rowley, Director of Product Development at Wipfli. “We look forward to helping clients leverage these configurable, time-saving connectors to complete the Concur-SL solution at their organizations.”