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Fraud and Forensics services

Fraud and forensic services

Prevent, detect and investigate fraud and misconduct

The risk of fraud exists everywhere. Even in the most secure environment, there is the potential for theft, embezzlement or other fraud. 

And the risks are only increasing and becoming more complex as criminals get smarter, operations become more complex and technology changes faster.

Wipfli’s team of financial and digital forensic specialists combine investigative and analytics skills in accounting, technology, fraud, compliance and litigation to help mitigate or respond to both internal and external threats.

We perform assessments, investigations and proactive examinations, as well as design antifraud programs and controls.

Why Wipfli?

Because of the complexity and diversity of fraud risks facing organizations today, Wipfli has developed a multidisciplinary team with strong experience in financial forensics, digital forensics, litigation support, economic damages and IT controls.

We follow procedures designed to produce accurate, auditable, reproducible and court-admissible analysis and findings.

Fraud and forensic special services

Our team is ready to handle your investigation using state-of-the-art equipment to extract vital digital evidence you need to identify, quantify and mitigate the risks, costs and effects of fraud. 

Our specialized fraud and forensic services include: 

Digital forensics

We combine state-of-the-art tools with a team from our dedicated digital forensics lab to investigate, report and protect.

Forensic accounting

Our teams combined their accounting, auditing, digital and investigative skills to examine your records and accounts.

Social media investigations

Find and preserve the data you need to support a legal case, fraud investigation or a M&A due diligence.


Our fraud and forensics team pairs up with our cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Internal audit

Our internal auditors can assess your internal controls to help you better understand and mitigate your risks.

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Fraud and forensic services
Fraud and forensic services
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