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E-book: How to comply with GDPR in the U.S.

A guide for U.S. businesses

E-book: How to comply with GDPR in the U.S.

Any organization that processes personal data of EU citizens or residents must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies that fail to follow GDPR principles are subject to serious sanctions and fines — including companies based in the U.S.

“Processing” and “personal data” are broad terms. So, how do U.S. companies know whether GDPR applies to them? Use this guide to start your analysis. It covers:

  • GDPR definitions and scope
  • How to determine whether GDPR applies to your company
  • What to do if your company is subject to GDPR
  • A GDPR compliance checklist for U.S. companies

Download the e-book to learn GDPR conditions and requirements for U.S. companies.

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