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M&A and transaction advisory services

Maximize value and capitalize on opportunities

With any potential M&A or transaction comes a lot of questions and regulations. Yet companies need to move faster — but with caution — to maximize value at every stage of a deal.

Creating value from your M&A and transactions requires the right strategic decisions and the right team.

Wipfli supports businesses with end-to-end transaction services. From strategy, Quality of Earnings (QoE) due diligence and transaction execution to post-deal integration or divestiture, we do whatever it takes to help you achieve sustainable growth and a competitive advantage.

Why Wipfli?

Wipfli combines agility and experience with deep industry knowledge to handle all phases of the M&A lifecycle.

Our experienced professionals — backed by a firm with advanced technology solutions, organizational performance and a global network of tax, audit and financial advisory professionals — bring insight and analysis to maximize your return today and continue to create value beyond the deal.

From strategy and readiness to execution and results, we can help. Our M&A and transaction advisory services include:


Identify and minimize risk for your organization, and get clear and sensitive guidance and execution that cuts through the complexities of buying a business.


From conducting a business valuation to performing due diligence, sellers have a lot to do before they’re ready to take their company to market. The right approach is critical. Let Wipfli help.

Investment banking

Get strategic and transactional investment banking services tailored for middle-market companies.

Let’s get started

Whether you’re looking for a defensive or offensive strategy, we can help you identify and execute on the right opportunities. Contact us today.

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