Connectors for SAP Concur solutions for Dynamics AX

Integration between SAP Concur solutions and Dynamics AX

Simplify and streamline integration of expense data and invoice processing between SAP Concur solutions and Dynamics AX with secure, cloud-to-cloud integration.


Integrating expense data between Concur Expense and Microsoft Dynamics AX is simplified and streamlined with ExpenseConnect. This bi-directional, installable module for Dynamics AX leverages Web Services to automatically pull expense reports from Concur and integrate them into Dynamics AX. This eliminates the need to manually download and manipulate files to integrate data between the two systems. ExpenseConnect creates a secure connection between the systems and maps the data based on specific business requirements.

ExpenseConnect for Dynamics AX accommodates: 

  • Multicurrency transactions 
  • Multi-company 
  • The use of corporate cards 
  • Concur ExpensePay transactions


InvoiceConnect for Dynamics AX leverages AX and Concur Web Services to create a secure, bi-directional and fully automated integration solution that eliminates the time consuming manipulation of flat files to integrate AP transactions.  InvoiceConnect completes your invoice processing workflow between Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics AX.  

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ExpenseConnect for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Automatically pull expense reports from Concur Expense into AX
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InvoiceConnect for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Gain flexible, secure, cloud-based integration between Concur Invoice and AX
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