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Edgewood College

Transitioning to transform the help desk

reduction in help desk tickets

When Edgewood College needed to hire a new help desk manager, it used the opportunity to transform the entire function. It implemented new tools, procedures and reports to improve IT support across campus.

The Challenge

The help desk at Edgewood College had around 100 open job tickets at any given time — which seemed high for a small, independent liberal arts college. When the help desk manager position became vacant, leaders saw it as an opportunity. Rather than fill the role “as is,” they wanted to assess the department’s performance and make sure it aligned with customers’ needs and expectations.

The Solution

Wipfli conducted 30 interviews across campus communities to identify end user requirements. Then Wipfli compared the help desk’s procedures against user’s expectations to find gaps. It also conducted a SWOT analysis with the help desk team. The discovery process led to a new playbook full of improved tools and processes. Wipfli helped Edgewood College write new help desk metrics, reports and best practices so it could prioritize service requests and set service-level and operational-level agreements.

The department moved from consistently having 100 open job tickets to only 20 or 30. That roughly 75% improvement translated into more satisfied end users.
Edgewood College IT Department

The results

With formal processes in place, help desk employees can escalate issues and find resolutions faster. The department went from consistently having 100 open job tickets down to 20-30. And projects and workloads are visible across the team. Just as important, the help desk team is energized and inspired, and the Edgewood community feels more supported. The help desk enhanced service and boosted satisfaction across the campus community and on its team.