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Kindred Healthcare

Cutting turnover in half

reduction in CCO and DNS turnover

People expect miracles, and Kindred Healthcare provides them. Kindred is the country’s largest operator of transitional care hospitals and rehab services. It has more than 62,000 employees in 47 states and cares for more than half a million patients each year, but it was struggling with a high turnover rate. The organization leveraged Predictive Index as the solution.

The Challenge

Despite being one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, Kindred couldn’t keep staff in key clinical roles. The turnover rate for chief clinical officer (CCO) and director of nursing services (DNS) positions had climbed to 30% and 50%, respectively. Turnover in both roles was impacting clinical outcomes, quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and financial performance. Leaders at Kindred understood they could not survive without these key leaders.

The Solution

Kindred reviewed onboarding, orientation, mentoring, training and compensation practices to find opportunities. But the biggest impact came from Predictive Index (PI). Kindred used PI tools to identify traits and behavioral patterns for high performers, as well as people who didn’t pan out. Then, it developed a benchmark profile for key positions. PI gave recruiters and hiring managers a way to objectively assess whether someone was a good fit for the job.

Our culture and our work require a different type of employee and leader. Rather than trying to change who we are, we thought we’d find people who fit our world. That required a better understanding of behavioral patterns that succeed in our environment.
Jeff Jasnoff, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Kindred Healthcare

The results

Once it started using behavioral assessments and analytics-based hiring, Kindred cut turnover in half for CCO and DNS roles. Now CCO turnover is at a historic low, and DNS turnover hit a four-year low. Year-over-year employee engagement results also improved. Kindred has a clear picture of the behaviors it needs to hire, and it can leverage data in hiring, training and development, performance reviews and succession planning.

-year low
for turnover