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Aerial Company, Inc.
Ryan Hmielewski, President and CEO
“Wipfli is so much more than an accounting firm. They had all the in-house resources, talent, and services I needed without my having to deal with any outside, third-party entities. They understood me and my objectives and kept me in the loop throughout the entire sale process. Wipfli represents the true definition of full service.”

Aerial is a wholesale distributor of professional salon products carrying a multitude of hair, skin, and nail products, supplies, sundries, and salon furnishings. Founded in 1912 and headquartered in Marinette, Wisconsin, since 1913, the company has been owned and operated by four generations of family. Aerial maintains a strong commitment to helping salon professionals grow their businesses and provides education and salon design services in addition to its extensive selection of beauty products and brands.


Aerial has enjoyed a longstanding business relationship with Wipfli as its accounting firm and a resource for valuations. So when Aerial’s principals needed help navigating and negotiating the sale of their privately owned company, they looked no further than Wipfli.


With in-house specialists representing a wide range of business services, Wipfli provided Aerial with all the necessary assistance to expertly guide the company through every aspect of the sale transaction, from exit planning in the early stages of the sale to post-sale investment planning. Wipfli’s multifaceted team:

  • Negotiated the financial, tax, and value provision with the prospective buyer.
  • Assisted in the buyer’s due diligence.
  • Negotiated a favorable price on behalf of Aerial.
  • Addressed tax and accounting matters in connection with the transaction.
  • Performed an audit on the closing balance sheet.
  • Provided estate and investment planning of proceeds from the transaction.


Aerial experienced a positive transaction and an easy transition. Wipfli was fully familiar with Aerial’s history and its operations, which helped to ensure a smooth process for Aerial right from the beginning.

In addition, Aerial’s comfort level with Wipfli’s capabilities allowed the principals of the 98-year-old company to confidently enter into the sale transaction.

Aerial received a full range of professional services from a single source, saving the company time and resources. Wipfli provided all the necessary expertise to guide the entire process. As a result, Aerial did not have to engage any outside brokers or intermediaries that could potentially complicate the process, hamper communications, or add costs.