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LaForce, Inc.
Jeff McGlachlin, Vice President
“Even though AX was going head to head with a vertical solution, the power, adaptability, and technology behind AX made it the winner at LaForce.”

Since 1954, LaForce, Inc. has been a leading distributor of commercial doors, frames, hardware, and building specialties. With six U.S. locations, plus its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company manufactures doors and frames while also providing the security expertise to design and manage security systems of any size. In addition, two expansive showrooms in Green Bay and Madison display a wide array of high-end residential hardware and are top destinations for homeowners and builders.


Faced with an aging system, LaForce launched and conducted an extensive two-year evaluation process to find the best ERP system solution for its company. Topping its list of contenders were an industry-specific solution and Microsoft Dynamics® AX from Wipfli. The two solutions competed head to head.


Wipfli presented Microsoft Dynamics® AX, an exceptional solution made specifically for manufacturers, and conducted five days of intense product demonstrations, showing how AX would work for LaForce. Perhaps most importantly, Wipfli invested the time to understand LaForce’s unique requirements and to build a relationship. Wipfli:

  • Established a trustworthy relationship. Local, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable, the Wipfli team made all the difference. Wipfli worked to create a strong rapport. The firm partnered its industry experts with LaForce’s staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the company. In addition to demonstrating its technology expertise, Wipfli’s team of seasoned experts detailed the implementation process to further create client confidence in its capabilities.
  • Demonstrated a clear understanding of the technology requirements and Microsoft Dynamics® AX capabilities. The Wipfli team performed an upfront business and technical analysis to more deeply explore LaForce’s business and process needs.
  • Demonstrated in-depth experience. As a Microsoft ERP Gold Certified Partner and seven-time Inner Circle winner (top 1% of all partners in the world), Wipfli’s expertise in the solution is recognized. Wipfli also invited LaForce to attend its annual Microsoft Dynamics® AX user group meeting to further explore the solution with other users and to gain a better understanding of both the technology and the perceptions users have about their Wipfli relationships.


Wipfli made a thorough case for its services and for Microsoft Dynamics® AX, allowing LaForce to confidently choose Wipfli. LaForce executives overwhelmingly chose Wipfli based on the many intangible vendor benefits including reliability, capability, geographic location, and most of all, overall confidence in Wipfli’s expertise and its people. LaForce has established an all-important comfort and trust level with Wipfli and the solution as it moves into implementation. 

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Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Implementation
Microsoft Dynamics® AX for manufacturing gets better with Wipfli by your side. See how LaForce, Inc. selected and implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to maximize previous investments and succeed today and in the future.