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Cody Foster & Co

Thriving during the busiest time of the year

increase in warehouse efficiency

Cody Foster & Co, a wholesale holiday decoration and ornament company, has become known for its unique and whimsical ornaments, which feature everything from sticks of butter to celebrities like Betty White. The company’s continued growth, however, was straining its aging order management system. Wipfli helped Cody Foster select and implement NetSuite as a cloud ERP solution for order and warehouse management, finance and purchasing.

The Challenge

Disparate modules within Cody Foster’s order management system were forcing duplicate data entry and management, creating slow and error-prone processes and making it difficult to track and understand inventory levels. The lack of visibility led to increased costs and inefficient warehousing. When the company’s growth spurred it to open a new warehouse and increase inventory levels further, it became even more challenging to maintain and track inventory.

The Solution

By implementing NetSuite, Wipfli helped Cody Foster integrate its webstore with order management and add warehouse management capabilities. When issues arose between system functionality and Cody Foster’s desired workflows, Wipfli quickly identified and implemented solutions, customizing the system to meet Cody Foster’s needs. The Wipfli team also researched and recommended a payroll solution that could seamlessly connect to NetSuite, leading to the implementation of isolved.

Our sales volume would not be sustainable without NetSuite, and we couldn't have moved forward with NetSuite without Wipfli. I appreciate how solution-based they are and how we worked through problems with big-picture goals in mind.
Maggie Cox, Cody Foster & Co. general manager

The results

With NetSuite, Cody Foster was able to meet growing demand for orders during the busiest time of the year with greatly increased efficiency. In fact, its warehouse processes were 2.5 times more efficient post implementation. Cody Foster was able to ship out 140% more product with 65% of the previous year’s required staff. Due to Wipfli's contributions on payroll, Cody Foster was able to seamlessly transition payroll providers and save costs as well. And after a key finance user left the company, Wipfli’s outsourced accounting team stepped up to replace their responsibilities quickly and reliably.

more orders fulfilled than previous year
of previous year’s staff required to fulfill orders