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Tammy Jelinek Madison

2501 West Beltline Highway
Madison, WI 53713



Email: tjelinek@wipfli.com

Tammy T. Jelinek, MBA


Tammy Jelinek is a principal with over 25 years of experience working in and with federally funded nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. She engages with leadership teams to strategically align their goals to grow, expand, and meet their outcomes.

Tammy is one of our nationally recognized trainers in the areas of Head Start/Early Head Start, Community Services Block Grant, and Uniform Guidance regulations, employee engagement, organizational development and culture, talent management, leadership, action planning, and client service.

She answers questions and manages content for the My Wipfli Membership Service, adds regulatory expertise to templated policies and procedures, tool kits, and consulting engagements, including enterprise risk assessments and serves as a regulatory subject matter expert on consulting engagements.


  • Predictive Index®
  • Crucial Conversations®
  • Designing learning
  • E-Learning instructional
  • Design managing learning programs

Professional memberships and activities

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD) – Member
  • Habitat for Humanity – Family Selection Committee member
  • National trainer for numerous nonprofit conferences, including National Head Start Association, National Community Action Partnership, various state Head Start and Community Action Association conferences, and Wipfli’s Stronger to Serve annual conference

Areas of Focus

  • Creating professional development opportunities for clients and their teams
  • Connecting clients with the right solutions at the right time
  • Developing customized solutions to meet client needs
  • Federal laws and regulations training for grant-funded nonprofits
  • Leadership and management training for businesses 
  • Organizational development and culture initiatives
  • Process design and implementation
  • Strategic planning, change management, and coaching




Upper Iowa University - Fayette, Iowa (Madison, Wisconsin campus)

  • Bachelor of science degree in business with a minor in psychology - Graduated cum laude
  • Master of business administration degree with an emphasis in organizational development

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