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Crisis response and recovery resources to protect and enhance your organization and those you serve.

These are unprecedented times. The rapid spread of COVID-19 and unforeseen disruptions are impacting virtually every aspect of your organization and the communities you serve. And the uncertainty of the situation can feel overwhelming as circumstances are constantly shifting.

Wipfli is committed to providing resources and support to help guide you and your organization through this crisis and beyond. With health and safety our highest priority, we’re helping you navigate the turmoil of today and continue to strengthen your tomorrow.

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Wipfli has been working with nonprofits for over 90 years to innovate and unlock their full potential to serve their communities. Because COVID-19 has had such a huge impact on society, the economy and communities across the country, we’ve pinpointed ways we can help nonprofits face their challenges head on and put themselves in the best position to succeed going forward.

  • Enabling remote employees
  • Cloud-based accounting systems
  • Outsourced payroll and accounting
  • Professional development and training
  • Organizational performance
  • Change management consulting

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