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Healthcare Connections: Capital planning strategies for rural health

6/20/2023 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (CT)

Type: Live Webinar

Industry: Healthcare

Seats Remaining: 956

Event Contact:

Name: Forrester Allen

Phone: 404.420.5720

Email: forrester.allen@wipfli.com

Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) across the country are dealing with difficult capital and facility expenditure decisions every day. Many RHCs and CAHs need either a major renovation or complete replacement due to age. With ever-tightening reimbursement, hospitals of all sizes must do a better job at planning their capital and resource expenditures to remain profitable/viable.

During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how a disciplined and holistic approach to understanding market needs, service line growth/profitability potential, financial affordability, cost-based reimbursement and facility requirements can set your organization along a clearer path to sustainability.

In addition, participants will also learn about the latest in care model trends, creative resource/space sharing between departments and the latest in contemporary facility design trends for hospitals.

Some of the key topics we will discuss include:

  • Forecasting patient volumes
  • Service line growth and profitability
  • Quantifying provider demand
  • Understanding debt capacity and debt financing options
  • Rural Health Clinic strategy
  • The impact of facility changes on cost-based reimbursement

Learning objectives:

  • Critical success factors in planning a major facility development project
  • Considerations for RHCs and CAHs looking to build
  • Effective strategies to optimize reimbursement, space utilization and market share capture


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