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Strategic Planning – Creating a durable plan to thrive in a challenging healthcare environment

11/15/2022 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (CT)

Type: Live Webinar

Industry: Healthcare

Service: Business consulting services, Strategy and Operations, Talent and Change

Seats Remaining: 993

Event Contact:

Name: Forrester Allen

Phone: 404.420.5720

Email: forrester.allen@wipfli.com

During the webinar Wipfli healthcare specialists will share why strategic planning is key to the leadership process, especially with so much uncertainty around staffing, changing patient needs and financial stability.

This webinar would be helpful for healthcare providers; for-profit, not-for-profit, and government-owned entities such as hospitals, nursing homes, senior living and home health organizations.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the current healthcare landscape facing providers
  • Exploring how high performing healthcare organizations manage their strategic planning process
  • Review some of the pitfalls and building blocks organizations are putting into place today to succeed and thrive in the current environment
  • How quality data drives decisions and how KPIs are integral to successful leadership and strategy
  • Give actionable tips on how to create and drive a more passionate vision and an even stronger strategic plan

During the live video event, we will also address your questions and provide insights on best practices.  

Questions can be sent in advance to Wipfli-healthcare@wipfli.com or asked the day of the event using the live chat feature.


Sydney Diekmann
Sydney Diekmann
Senior Consultant
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Robert Zondag
Robert H. Zondag, CTP
Senior Manager
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