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18th annual Community Bank Executive and Board Compensation Survey

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Complete the survey by July 28, 2023

Community banks that want to retain executives in the current competitive labor market need to stay proactive. You can get the relevant compensation data you need for a competitive edge by participating in Wipfli’s 18th annual Community Bank Executive and Board Compensation Survey.

Our bank salary survey provides you with insights that are principally relevant to your institution’s compensation strategy by:

  • Surveying the geographical footprint that you compete in: Wipfli surveys compensation and benefit practices in community banks across six Midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • Looking at leadership positions that are critical for success: Our survey examines 15 key leadership positions and board compensation practices.

  • Enabling peer comparisons to strengthen your talent retention practices: Due to your continued support, our survey is now in its 18th year of gathering and reporting valuable compensation information. With the results, you can leverage data from peer group banks to articulate, craft and administer a strong — and highly competitive — compensation program.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

All data is kept in the strictest confidence and reported only in aggregate so that you can be confident that your data is secure.

Complete the survey by July 28, 2023, and you will receive a final report with results in September for only $295 (plus applicable sales tax). Banks that choose not to participate may purchase the survey for $750 (plus applicable sales tax).

Key executive talent and your board are crucial to the ongoing success of your financial institution. Take our banking salary survey to help you evaluate and validate whether your compensation program is comprehensive and competitive enough to keep them.

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We highly recommend completing the survey electronically. Please save the completed file with your Bank's name before uploading the file. You may then upload the completed survey to our secure, confidential online portal.

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Any challenges with or questions about the upload process can be addressed to asodahl@wipfli.com.

If you prefer to complete the survey forms in hard copy you may print the forms and mail them to:

Tammy Schaut
Wipfli LLP
PO Box 12237
Green Bay, WI 54307-2237

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