CECL Calculator and Consulting Solution

Simplify Your CECL Solution With a Calculator That’s Intelligent and Powerful yet Easy to Use

The current expected credit losses (CECL) standard can be both difficult to understand and challenging to comply with. The good news is, certain financial institutions can use tools to simplify their CECL solution.

With Wipfli’s CECL calculation tool, leveraging BankTrends, you can gain the support and resources you need to compute loss allowances, perform loss forecasting and ultimately satisfy regulations. Best of all, our tool is a web-based application that you can simply log in to, with no software installation or integration required!

Wipfli CECL Solution Advantages

  • Eliminate the time-consuming challenge of gaining historical data. Our tool, leveraging BankTrends technology, uses 11 years of call report data and provides dynamic modeling capabilities to calculate necessary reserves under CECL.
  • Compute GAAP-compliant loss allowances under current or future accounting standards. Our tool provides your institution with a calculation that meets CECL requirements while also allowing you to evaluate under current accounting standards.
  • Comply with regulatory advice and leverage best practices with our tool’s ability to view peer group loss rates side-by-side with institution-specific loss rates.
  • Meet the frustrating challenge of determining how to perform loss forecasting under CECL. You can rely on our CECL tool to capably perform your loss forecasting.
  • Gain specialized CECL support with Wipfli’s team of CPAs, who all have experience helping financial institutions like yours navigate CECL and implement a strong solution.
CECL Net Chargeoff Dependencies and Projections

With the click of a button, you can perform a rigorous regression analysis that forecasts future charge-offs.

Wipfli’s CECL solution provides you with not only a powerful tool but also experienced consultants who get you set up, assist with required data inputs and answer any questions you have about CECL. Streamline your loan loss allowance calculation and build a simplified CECL solution with Wipfli.