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HMDA fair lending analysis

What's your HMDA data telling you (and your examiners)?

Regulators and community groups can review your HMDA data and identify risk indicators of potentially unfair, discriminatory lending.

But with our HMDA analysis, you can analyze your data before they do and have your explanations or solutions ready. Let Wipfli help by:

  • Analyzing your data electronically, saving you hours of work.
  • Creating reports that allow you to easily see any risk indicators of fair lending concerns. 

We can further analyze your data and provide additional analysis, including:

  • Matched pair file reviews for any disparities noted on the underwriting and pricing scorecards. You decide how many you will need after you receive your scorecards.
  • Geographical analysis demonstrating lending dispersion, focusing on majority-minority census tracts.
  • Redlining analysis.
  • Maps. Some examples include:
    • Lending area shaded by tract income.
    • Lending area shaded by minority population percentages.
    • Lending area with HMDA volume counts shaded.
    • Many others to choose from.

Call us if you’d like pricing.

What if the scorecards show areas of possible fair lending implications? 

Wipfli can help with that too.

If data such as credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, loan-to-value ratios and rate set dates are available, we review electronic files to identify potential areas of concern.

You then receive reports showing any potential matched pairs between the protected class (target group) and the control group. If the initial data analysis warrants a closer look, we can create a comparative file review report for these categories as applicable:

  • Approvals/denials by ethnicity
  • Approvals/denials by race
  • Approvals/denials by gender
  • Approvals/denials by age
  • Approvals/denials by property located in high-minority tracts
  • Pricing disparities by ethnicity
  • Pricing disparities by race
  • Pricing disparities by gender
  • Pricing disparities by age
  • Pricing disparities by property located in high-minority tracts

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