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Strategic risk management consultation

Financial institutions should take a closer look at enterprise risk management

Rising interest rates, market uncertainty and even social media can cause unforeseen risk that could affect the stability of your financial institution. Current events have only highlighted the need to properly identify, assess and mitigate the risks in your strategic objectives, aka enterprise risk.

If you are unsure where to start, Wipfli’s strategic risk management consultation can help.

During this free 30-minute consultation, we’ll consult with you on the strategic risks currently impacting your institution. Topics may include:

  • Risks inherent in your strategic plan
  • Interest rate and liquidity risk
  • Talent and reputation risk
  • Operational risk, including IT and cybersecurity
  • Customer diversification and exposure to uninsured depositors

Our team of specialists can help you identify those risks and offer solutions on how to effectively manage them.

Why Wipfli? Because our team doesn’t just understand what’s happening in the market right now — we also work with a wide variety of financial institutions and understand the unique risks around their strategy and profiles. As a team of seasoned banking and financial services professionals, we are here to help you find solutions and act as your trusted advisor so you can navigate through the uncertainty and come out a more resilient institution.